heather, 22, leeds/lancaster

emma is the luna to my neville (and no she will not give you her username).
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The thing to learn from all of this is probably not to wait.

Don’t care what Marcus Mumford says, sorry.

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I want you to be the person I send my random thoughts to

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Life is unfair. You put someone first who puts you second. You study your ass off for a final only to get a C. You give 110% to someone in a relationship who only gives 40%. You’re there for a best friend at 3:00am and the next day they don’t pick up their phone. It seems like you’re giving everyone everything and they’re just walking away with it.

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Can someone just tell me what the fuck to do?

I honestly have no idea what I’m doing anymore and it fucking scares me. I feel so alone right now it’s unreal but I can’t and don’t want to feel like this again.

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Going to be alone forever

Don’t know why I bother

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This is the best thing on Youtube 😂😂😂 I love this man so much it hurts

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FOLLOWUP: I might quite like him now

I hate having feelings.

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No limit

1.Kissed a girl?
2.Kissed a boy?
3.Had sex in public?
4.What’s your religion?
5.What does your URL mean?
6.Reason you joined tumblr?
7.Do you have any nicknames?
8.Do you like bubble bath?
9.Kissed in the rain?
10.Dyed your hair?
11.Soup or salad?
12.Vegetable or meat?
13.Go out drinking?
14.Smoke cigarettes?
15.Smoke weed?
16.Do any hard drugs?
17.Have you had sex today?
18.Have you ever fallen asleep in someones arms?
19.The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
20.Has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes?
21.Skipped doing homework to play a video game?
22.Tried to commit suicide?
23.The last time you felt broken?
24.Had to lie to EVERYONE about how you felt?
25.Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend?
26.Do you have Long hair OR short hair?
27.First thing you notice to a guy/girl?
28.Do you sing in the shower?
29.Do you dance in the car?
30.Where were you yesterday?
31.Ever used a bow and arrow?
32.Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?
33.Do you think musicals are cheesy?
34.Is Christmas stressful?
35.Favorite type of fruit pie?
36.Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?
37.Do you believe in ghosts?
38.Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?
39.Take a vitamin daily?
40.Wear slippers?
41.Wear a bath robe?
42.What do you wear to bed?
43.Do you want to get married?
44.Can you curl your tongue?
Relationship preference:
45.How many relationships have you had?
46.How can I win your heart?
47.what makes a great relationship?
48.Shy OR open?
50.Religious OR non-religious?
51.Caring OR non-restricting of you?
52.Straight edge OR non-straight edge?
53.Piercings OR no piercings?
54.Tattoos OR no tattoos?
55.Quiet stay-at-home type OR party type?
ask me these, please? : )
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I hate being a girl

Does someone want to come and remove my feelings and just give me confidence and a ‘fuck it’ attitude?

Wish I knew what he thought.

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I know this is probably blasphemy on Tumblr, but whose on Pinterest?

I need more awesome people to follow!

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